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   At about 9 o'clock, although Luo Huining has not been seen, the staff of the Liaison Office of the Central Committee has opened the door and let a group of reporters wait in the lobby. It turned out that Luo Huining knew that a media reporter was waiting at the entrance of the office building. Seeing that it was windy outside, he specially arranged to meet the reporter in the lobby.

The Pixel 5 will cost 9/£599, and has a 6in (15.2cm) display and 128 gigabytes of storage. That compares to the 9/£929 price of last year's top-end 6.3in Pixel 4XL.

Failure to provide migrant workers with wage lists, seizure or disguised seizure of social security cards or bank cards used to pay wages and other illegal activities shall be ordered by the human resources and social security administrative department to make corrections within a time limit; if the correction is not made within the time limit, the unit shall be fined at the same time , To fine the legal representative or the main person in charge, the person directly in charge and other persons directly responsible.

Index compiler FTSE Russell will decide whether to include companies listed on Shanghai's STAR Market in its China and Global equity indexes. The STAR Market, which was launched in July last year, already has 179 listed companies. It is the third-largest new listing market in the world this year behind the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. More than 400 companies are still gearing up for listing, including the world's most valuable fintech company, Ant Group.

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Wang Zhenjiang introduced that the "Regulations" did not open special accounts for the wages of migrant workers as required by the general construction contractors, the general contractors and subcontractors of the construction did not implement the real-name system for labor employment management, and the construction units failed to allocate labor costs in full and in time as agreed. Or the general construction contractor refuses to provide or fails to provide relevant information on the construction contract, the special account of migrant workers’ wages, etc., and stipulates that it is ordered to make corrections within a time limit and imposes a fine of 50,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan. Penalties such as ordering the project to stop work, lowering the qualification level, or revoking the qualification certificate are stipulated.

"Its key selling point, however, remains that it offers a stock Android experience with superfast updates."

Don't cry for me, Alibaba

Before a federal court blocked the ban last night, TikTok was set to be removed from U.S. app stores Sunday midnight (Monday 1:00 p.m. in Tokyo). The Trump administration's ban on the popular video-sharing app was due to take effect two weeks ago, but was delayed after Trump conceptually approved a deal between ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart. The companies, however, have not settled on final terms, and Beijing's approval on the partnership is still pending.

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