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  The famous poet, Mr. Liu Zhang, died at 11:00 on February 20 in Shijiazhuang at the age of 82. In consultation with Mr. Liu Zhang's family, the memorial service was held online, taking into account the reality of the current outbreak and keeping funeral arrangements simple, according to the obituary issued by the Association. Liu Zhang was born on January 22,1939, in Shangzhuang village, Xinglong County, Hebei Province. Contemporary poet, National First-class Writer, enjoy the State Council special post experts, honorary president of the Chinese local Poets Association, "Poetry" , "Chinese poetry" editorial committee. The main works are "Yanshan Song" , "Liu Zhang Poetry Anthology" , "Liu Zhang Poetry" , "Liu Zhang Jueju" and "Liu Zhang Prose Anthology" , "Liu Zhang Review" , "Xiao Bao Ballad" and other 50 volumes and the complete collection of poetry "Liu Zhang Anthology" . In 1980, the group poem "Love in the North Mountain" won the first national young and middle-aged poet award. The 131st case is a 49-year-old female with no travel or work history in Baodi District. On January 23, the patient went to Baodi district department store clothing district shopping, 30 fever, self-medication did not seek medical treatment, on February 1 to receive home isolation, during cough, fever and other symptoms, did not seek medical treatment; He went to the fever clinic of Baodi District people's Hospital on August 8 and was diagnosed as a suspected case. He was admitted to isolation ward for treatment. On the 20th, the fourth nucleic acid test result was positive and he was confirmed as the 131st case in Tianjin by a team of experts from Tianjin, subtypes are normal. At present, he has been transferred to Haihe Hospital for treatment, has been identified close contacts for isolation medical observation, other close contacts are being screened. Up to now, 131 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been reported in Tianjin, including 71 males and 60 females, 2 critical type, 20 heavy type, 46 ordinary type, 1 mild type, 59 cured and discharged from hospital, 3 died. 164 suspected cases. A total of 1,986 close contacts have been screened and 775 people are under medical observation. (CCTV reporter Wang Shuo, Sun Qiang) the 131st patient, female, 49 years old, lives for the Tianjin City Baodi District seashore street, does not have the Wuhan Travel and the work history. On January 23, the patient went to Baodi District Department Store Clothing District shopping, 30 fever, self-medication did not seek medical treatment, on February 1 to receive home isolation, during cough, fever and other symptoms, did not seek medical treatment; On the 8th, he went to the fever clinic of Baodi District people's Hospital and was diagnosed as a suspected case. He was admitted to the isolation ward for treatment. On the 20th, the fourth nucleic acid test result was positive. At present, he has been transferred to Haihe Hospital for treatment, has been identified close contacts for isolation medical observation, other close contacts are being screened. Up to now, we have reported 131 confirmed cases of NCP, including 71 males and 60 females, 2 critical cases, 20 severe cases, 46 common cases and 1 mild case, 59 cured and discharged, 3 died. 164 suspected cases. A total of 1,986 close contacts have been screened and 775 people are under medical observation. Overseas network February 20, according to the "Foreign Ministry spokesperson's Office" Information, on February 20, the Foreign Ministry online regular press conference, a reporter asked: U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement on the 19th, saying, it "condemned" the expulsion of three foreign journalists from the Wall Street Journal and said China should not restrict freedom of expression. How do you comment? The Wall Street Journal published a commentary attacking China and blatantly choosing a title with Racial Discrimination, which ran counter to objective facts and violated professional ethics and aroused great indignation of the Chinese people, has also been widely condemned by the international community. Mr. Pompeo is so quick to talk about freedom of speech that publishing discriminatory articles that blatantly insult a country or nation, and refusing to admit mistakes and apologize, is what the United States calls freedom of speech? The State Council Information Office held a press conference in Wuhan, Hubei Province on March 20. At the press conference, Ding Xiangyang, a member of the Central Steering Group and Deputy secretary-general of the State Council, said that more than 30,000 medical personnel have been organized across the country to support Wuhan, Hubei Province. Ding Xiangyang: resolutely contain the spread of the epidemic momentum, resolutely win the prevention and control of the epidemic, this is a no bystander public action, is a concerted effort of the people's war. The first line of the epidemic is the battlefield, the vast number of medical staff without fear of danger, without hesitation. Ding Xiangyang: Since the outbreak of the disease, the 29 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and the military system have actively organized more than 30,000 of the country's best medical personnel to support Wuhan, Hubei Province, and put them on the front line of the war. They did not hesitate, did not retreat, did not cry, at the most tense moment of material such as protective clothing, they changed from four-hour shift to six-hour shift in order to save clothing, and some comrades even put on diapers to work, and death race, they are the most beautiful and lovely people of the new age, fighting viruses and carrying on life. So far, Wuhan has put 15-seat shelter hospitals into service, trying to collect what they can. A further 123 patients were discharged today (February 20) from Kong Hon's Shelter Hospital in Wuhan, the largest single-day discharge from a shelter hospital. The oldest patient, 65, and the youngest, 26, were discharged from Kong Hon's Shelter Hospital in Wuhan to cheer on other patients and express their deep gratitude to the staff. In order to increase the capacity of the new shelter hospital is built almost every day at the rate of a race against time. On the night of February 19, the reporter went to the Fourth Road Shelter Hospital under construction in Baisha. Four construction units were working in the Split Second. In 54 hours, they will turn a 12-room warehouse of 14,452 square meters into a 2,200-bed hospital. After nearly 40 hours of construction, the shelter has begun to take shape. Construction personnel overcome various difficulties in purchasing materials, including electric kettles, electric blankets, etc. to make patients more comfortable living supplies. So far, Wuhan has opened 15-seat shelter hospitals for more than 9,300 patients. More than 70 medical teams from all over the country and 7,000 people have come to the aid of the Wuhan Shelter Hospital. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave an update on the progress made in China's efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. Under the Personal Command of President Xi Jinping, 1.4 billion Chinese people are fighting the virus with great unity, Wang Yi said. The most comprehensive, stringent and thorough measures we have taken have lowered the peak of the epidemic, weakened the intensity of the epidemic and brought the epidemic under strong control. Facts have proved that remarkable results have been achieved in prevention and control work. As the Director General of the World Health Organization, Tan Desai, has pointed out, China's strong action not only controls the spread of the epidemic within China, but also prevents the spread of the epidemic to other countries. It is not only protecting the Chinese people, but also protecting the people of the world, bought time for Global Pandemic Preparedness and control. At present, the number of new cases outside Hubei has been declining for 16 days. In 13 of these provinces, the new figure was zero. The number of confirmed cases in Hubei continued to drop for seven days, with a sharp drop yesterday compared with the day before yesterday. The number of people cured continues to rise, with 16,168 people being discharged from hospitals across the country yesterday. The cure rate is increasing, and the situation in Hubei, especially in Wuhan, is also improving. These data show that the epidemic is not only manageable, but also treatable. Globally, the number of countries affected is 25, well below the more than 200 countries and areas affected by the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. Ninety-nine per cent of cases occur within China and about 1 per cent outside the country. This fact shows that the measures taken by China are effective and demonstrate its responsibility as a responsible major power. We firmly believe that with the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the strong mobilization capacity of the country, the institutional advantages of the entire state system, and the Comprehensive National Power of today, China is fully capable and confident of fully overcoming the epidemic as soon as possible. On the evening of February 16, Qi's stool specimen was positive for the new coronavirus, while sputum and throat swabs were negative, and there was no clinical manifestation, according to the diagnosis and treatment plan for the new coronary pneumonia, according to a report from Zhoushan City Health Commission on the 20th, diagnostic criteria for suspected and confirmed cases were not met. To reduce the risk of possible infection, he was taken by ambulance

  And finally, "Today, the neighborhood committee, the sinking cadres, the property and many volunteers are working almost 24/7 on the grass-roots level, " Chen Wen-Chi said. "We are confident that this epidemic will be overcome, and we hope that this situation will soon end and people will be able to resume normal lives. " (Source: Life Times, LIFE Times special correspondent to Wuhan, Dong Xixi, Zhang Jian) February 20, guiyang's People's Procuratorate, through its official Wechat, announced that five local criminal suspects were arrested on the same day by the decision of prosecutors. The five men arrested in the briefing had a number of important points in common -- all of them were arrested on suspicion of official crimes and were investigated by local supervisory commissions before their arrest. Among them, the identity of one of the suspects is very compelling, and the news of his arrest has been reported by many media outlets as a person who was the former east China manager of Guizhou Maotai Liquor Sales Co. , Ltd. , luo Aijun, former manager of Shanghai Moutai Industrial Company, former legal representative and executive director of Shanghai Guizhou Moutai Prince Wine Co. , Ltd. . Since 2019, an "anti-corruption storm" has been brewing inside Moutai. From Yuan Renguo, the former head of Moutai, to several of his senior executives and a number of officials who have been involved with him, many public officials associated with Moutai have been investigated, disciplined or arrested in less than a year. Luo Aijun was arrested at this time, that this "anti-corruption drama" is still not over. On the one hand, as far as the political ecology of Guizhou Province is concerned, the great cause of Maotai group is very big, involving a wide range of issues. Therefore, the thorough investigation of this case has the vital significance to the rectification local official administration and the atmosphere. As far as the whole country is concerned, the symbolic meaning of the word "Moutai" is far more than that of an ordinary state-owned enterprise. Only by completely severing the connection between the word "Moutai" , which stands for China's famous liquor, and the problem of corruption, in order to eliminate "wine-related corruption" on the political and wine industry "double pollution. ". On January 14, the website of the State supervision and Administration Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released a video about the handling of the series of Maotai cases, which mentioned that since last year, relevant departments have investigated and dealt with 348 cases of internal malpractices of Maotai system involved in business operations and other issues. In the video, Xia Hongmin, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Guizhou Province, appeared on the scene and named several moutai executives, including Yuan Renguo, Liu Zili, Gao Shouhong, Wang Chonglin, Ma Yupeng and Nie Yong, calling them "wine beetles" who "depend on wine to eat wine. " Fully reflects the seriousness of the Maotai problem, as well as the importance of the relevant departments. In September 2019, the Guiyang Intermediate Court of Guizhou Province held a public hearing on Yuan Renguo's bribery case, confirming that he had been involved in the case for 24 years (from 1994 to 2018) and that Yuan Renguo had taken advantage of his position, to provide assistance to others in obtaining the right of Maotai liquor distribution, household distribution, increasing the supply of Maotai liquor, etc. . Yuan Renguo pleaded guilty in court. According to Caixin Media, his main means of cashing in on his profits through Moutai was to give illegal permits to officials at all levels to illegally trade moutai liquor rights. In this criminal road, Yuan Renguo and the former member of the Standing Committee of Guizhou Province, vice-governor Wang Xiaoguang, can be described as a very close relationship. On January 12, the first episode of the five-part Documentary Feature "State Supervision" , produced by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the State Supervision Commission, the Propaganda Department of the State Supervision Commission and the Central Radio and Television General Administration, "blueprint" , was officially broadcast, yuan Renguo and Wang Xiaoguang colluding bad behavior, also in this episode of the film was made public. Xia Xiaodong, deputy director of the State Supervision and Regulation Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, said in the special film that Wang Xiaoguang, through Yuan Renguo, general manager of the Maotai Group at the time, and others, had acquired the right to operate four Moutai franchised liquor stores for his family and relatives. Over the past seven years, the four stores have obtained a total quota of 131.48 tons of moutai liquor, making a profit of more than 40 million yuan. In addition, Wang Xiaoguang also borrowed the name of 61 units, looking for Yuan Renguo to approve many additional indicators, profiting from reselling. Following the downfall of several senior executives including Yuan Renguo, the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee has introduced a series of rectification measures against the moutai group, conducting a comprehensive investigation of the existing Moutai specialty stores and distributors, cancelled more than 500 through the "back door" way to obtain the right to operate the store, and decided not to add stores in the future; at the same time, the total abolition of "approval" retail, from the system to eliminate the power of rent-seeking space. In the meantime, it is also an important work to find out the previously undiscovered "wine beetle" . The arrest of Luo Aijun today is the latest result of this work. We believe that under the strict supervision of the relevant departments, all "wine beetles" will eventually come to an end, Maotai group will eventually return to its brewing good wine., Hefei, February 20(Liu Hao) the Public Security Bureau of Huoqiu County, Anhui Province, announced on its official wechat account on the 20th that the director of a village health office in the county had admitted patients with fever without authorization, causing the spread of new coronavirus and pneumonia, as a result, many people have been put under quarantine and have been investigated by the police. During the prevention and control of the epidemic, Wu Mou, director of the Dacheng Health Office in Zhouji town, Huoqiu County, violated the provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, refusing to implement the preventive and control measures set out in the "notice on further standardizing consultation procedures for Febrile Patients" issued by the Huoqiu County Health Commission, admitting Febrile patients without authorization, causing the spread of new coronavirus and pneumonia, causing a number of people to be placed under observation, with serious consequences. Police at the same time remind: Epidemic Prevention and control, everyone is responsible! The general public are invited to consciously abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, actively cooperate in the work of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen their awareness of self-protection, and refrain from eating meals together, spreading rumors, spreading rumors or believing rumors. For those who refuse to carry out decisions or refuse to be dissuaded, the Public Security Bureau will be severely punished in accordance with the law! (end)"post-1990s" Rao Yue was originally the deputy director of the Party construction office in Minzu Street, Kong Hon, Wuhan. In the early stages of the epidemic prevention and control work in Wuhan, she overcame the difficulties of shortage of office staff, to organize and complete the investigation of more than 5,500 households and more than 10,000 people in sub-district areas. In the comprehensive coordination and patient transfer work that followed, she took on the complicated and complicated communication and coordination work between the headquarters, the hospital, the isolation point, the community, the patient multi-point, with a meticulous and patient attitude, high-speed and efficient completion of admission, isolation, to ensure that her street every day to complete the transfer of confirmed patients to the hospital, suspected patients to transfer the isolation point of the "double zero" task. As she has shown a high sense of responsibility and strong working ability during the difficult period of the epidemic prevention and control, she has proposed to take up the post of director of the Party Building Office in Minzu Street, Kong Hon. during an interview with a reporter from the Global Times-global Network, she said, the previous work was really hard, and now it's going to be easier, because now the whole thing is sorted out. (Global Times-huanqiu correspondent Fan Wei, Yang Cheng, Cui Meng) Hsinking Daily News (reporter, Wang Ping) on February 20, the China beauty and hairdressing association released a summary of the resumption of work in the beauty industry across the country, saying that in addition to some of the enterprises that have already resumed work, most of the stores in the country are preparing to resume business, and in special periods, hairdressing business mainly by advance booking, quick cut way. According to the China Hairdressing Association, in Chengdu, as of February 18, has resumed work 31 stores, February 20 is expected to resume half of the industry stores. Return to work shop daily passenger flow average about 10 people, hot dyeing, beauty and other items suspended. In addition, nearly half of the hair salons in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, have resumed work. Hunan Province has more than 40 hair salons resumed business, each shop only equipped with about 2 employees, to provide customers with hair cutting services, beauty body was temporarily asked not to return to work. In Jilin, Jiangsu and other places, only a few small-scale stores to resume work, and resume the shop can only provide a simple hair cutting service, beauty salon temporarily can not resume work. A reporter from the HSINKING newspaper has learned that there are some businesses in Beijing that can offer haircutting services. Wumart used "multi-point APP" booking, launched a 10-yuan quick-cut activities, Beijing has more than 100 Wumart, Meilianmei supermarket participation. The head office of China Time-honored Brand is always open, except

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On February 20, two ex-patients with new crown pneumonia walked into the Harbin Blood Donor House and successfully donated their convalescent plasma. They were also among the first recovering patients in Harbin to donate convalescent plasma for new pneumonia. The Harbin Blood Center completes the collection plan ahead of schedule and prepares the collection site, equipment, personnel, procedures, etc. . At 0830 hours, all the staff of the Harbin Blood Centre were in place, the collection sites were disinfected, the collection equipment was debugged and the medical staff were ready to protect them. A total of 800 millilitres of plasma were donated by the two recovered donors as they entered the blood donation room, where they underwent temperature tests, information input, physical examinations, blood sampling and blood tests. Once the plasma is collected, it is immediately sent to the Harbin Blood Centre for testing, preparation and packaging of the nucleic acid in the blood by various departments. The plasma donated by the donor will be immediately sent to the clinic, for the treatment of severe and critically ill patients with new coronary pneumonia. It is known that the plasma therapy of convalescent patients with NCP is to reduce the virus content in the patients by using a certain titer of virus-specific antibodies in the plasma of convalescent patients, so as to achieve the treatment expectation, it is a very effective treatment for severe and critically ill patients. (CCTV reporter, Li Rui) it is understood that during the treatment of the patient in the isolation ward, the medical staff strictly followed the new guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary pneumonia, and reported the patient's condition to the hospital expert group every day, after consultation by the Expert Group, the treatment plan was made for the same day, and antiviral, anti-infection, nutritional support and other symptomatic treatment. After consultation with a medical expert group on new crown pneumonia in Baoji, the patient met the criteria for discharge of newly diagnosed cases of new crown pneumonia and was discharged. After discharge, the patient will be transferred back to his county hospital for further isolation for 14 days, during which doctors at Baoji Center hospital will closely follow him by telephone. It is understood that the patient Shi mou, Male, 53 years old, from Yanliang District, Xi'an, and Hubei personnel contact January 22, after the chest CT found lung shadow, the family has an aggregated outbreak, his wife is also in Xi'an chest hospital isolation treatment. After admission to the hospital, three patients were treated with a combination of antiviral, anti-infective, traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional support and psychological counseling, and their symptoms gradually improved. The nucleic acid test was negative after two retests, all indicators suggest a significant improvement, according to the National Health Commission, "COVID-19 program (trial sixth edition) " guidelines, to discharge standards. After the fixed-point hospital comprehensive treatment, 5 patients with normal body temperature, fever cough and other respiratory symptoms disappear, npv nucleic acid test negative, imaging lesions significantly absorbed. Five patients were discharged from hospital on February 20 after they met the criteria for discharge from hospital following confirmation by the new crown pneumonia medical expert group in Hanzhong. After discharge, the patient will continue to be isolated at home for 14 days, the hospital will also closely follow-up. The total turnover of the Shanghai gold exchange in 2019 was 28.76 trillion yuan, up 33.18 percent year-on-year, according to the latest figures from the Shanghai Gold Exchange today (February 20) , for 13 years in a row in the global spot gold trading volume first in the world, effective services to the market participants and entities of gold production enterprises. Wang Zhonglin, a CCTV reporter, said that at this stage, epidemiological investigation has become the top priority in the war of resistance, "Just like fighting a war, we must attack one mountain top after another. Now that we have reached the hinterland, we must mobilize all our resources, strengthen our strength and attack with all our might. " On the afternoon of February 19, Ying Yong inspected and supervised the work of epidemic prevention, control and flow regulation and treatment, "Epidemiological Investigation is the source and basic work of the current epidemic prevention and control, and its effectiveness is directly related to the success or failure of epidemic prevention and control. " Local media said the move was "to implement the Central Committee to Hubei Steering Group Deployment, in accordance with the work requirements of the provincial Party Committee. ". "In fact, it is a bit like the work of the public security bureau. We have to carry out a detailed epidemiological investigation of every suspected case. We need to know the basic situation of the case, the family situation, the travel history of the 14 days before the onset of the case, the activity track, whether there is any suspicious case contact, suspicious environmental exposure and his/her diet, and so on, " said Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention. "through these investigations, we mainly screen for clues of case infection, various possible sources of infection and mode of transmission. This is the main objective of the epidemiological investigation. " Be sure to tell the doctor at the first time, to the disease control and circulation personnel, to truthfully provide their activity history, to help the disease control personnel to find the source of infection, timely identification of possible close contacts, reduce the spread of the disease. "medical resources should be used as a whole, the level of medical care in non-designated hospitals should be raised, the supporting facilities should be improved, and the Department of paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology and critical care should be set up. The Community Health Service Centres and out-patient clinics should play a good role and all fever patients should no longer be admitted to meet the normal medical needs of the public. " Recently, there are many media reports of the Wuhan Nursing Home Epidemic Prevention and control situation. For example, Caixin reported on February 20 that there are many suspected new crown infections in nursing homes in Wuhan, and Phoenix TV's Weibo on February 18 released a letter from Wuhan 09: President Wu Mingrong waiting at the nursing home. Wang Zhonglin said that the elderly care places to implement strict control, all non-essential personnel can not enter; "for the elderly home diagnosed patients, no matter what way to firmly and timely treatment, must not contain the end. ". The combined impact of the new crown pneumonia outbreak was so intense that China was forced to suspend its normal schedule and engage in an all-out war with it. So far, China has made significant gains on the battlefields outside Hubei, containing the risk of a pandemic spreading across the country and beginning to show significant improvement in the province. But it is uncertain whether the epidemic will be eradicated soon. Many experts believe that we can not rule out the new pneumonia into a chronic flu-like, since then long-lived in the world. It has to be said that we know very little about the new coronavirus. China seems to have it under control, but so far it has found no specific way to counter it. Countries around the world should work together with China to establish a global system to actively respond to the new coronavirus.

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  China's fight against the epidemic has not only greatly curbed the spread of the new coronavirus outside the country, but also provided valuable cognitive reserves for human beings through the accumulation of a large number of clinical cases and experience in social prevention and control. If human society can not completely extinguish the new coronavirus, then we will have more evidence and resources to suppress its harm in the future. Japan has a well-developed health care system, society is more alert to the epidemic, but the new coronavirus still attacked the luxury cruise ship "diamond princess" docked in the country. The extent of the outbreak on this ship is comparable to that in the worst outbreak area in Wuhan, and there have been more cases in Japan, which reflects the vulnerability of all societies to the new coronavirus, once the epidemic spreads over the New Year, the next country and society to be seriously affected may be who. Some politicians in the United States called the new coronavirus the "China virus, " and the Wall Street Journal published a racist article titled "China is the Real 'sick man of Asia, ' " Such frivolity, prejudice and arrogance are very dangerous. And there may come a time when such pride will be fatally rebuffed, at great cost. Modernity has provided far more fertile ground for pandemics than in the past, and panic spreads faster than viruses. The virus amplifies its destructive power through people's panic and disrupts the Meridians of modern civilization. In order to control the panic, it is very important for the governments of all countries to join hands in scientific joint prevention and control, so as to coordinate the economic activities and prevention and control arrangements. The impact of the new coronavirus clearly illustrates a real aspect of the current challenges facing human society. Globalization is not something we want to have and don't want to ignore. Many of humanity's common problems will continue to stand out, and the whole of humanity will be willing or unwilling to become at some particular juncture intertwined interests of the fate of the community. There may be some pros and cons to starting out with, but look a little further and you'll see that it's not like that at all. We're all in the same sanctuary, surrounded by all kinds of risks. Human Society must devote more attention to real and potential public crises and refrain from becoming obsessed with geopolitics and other struggles such as ideology. The political and opinion elites in the United States and the West are in the best position to influence how global attention is distributed. They must shoulder their responsibility to avoid misleading the world public and help human society sound the alarm in the direction where new risks are gathering. Du Fujia was born in 1993. This year is the fourth year of her work. She is at the Meitan County People's Hospital in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, guizhou Province is designated to open a new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia fever clinic, one of the 183 medical institutions. As a nurse in the emergency department, Du Fujia twice asked to join the fight against the epidemic. On January 27, after receiving a letter from the hospital to join the fight against the new pneumonia, Du Fujia was the first to sign up and fight in the front line of the epidemic. "I didn't tell my family until after I signed up, and they were very supportive, but they told me to take care of myself, " he said. "My brother's 'back off, let me do it' cry from the minefield has been ringing in my head and has given me a lot of positive energy, which I feel I need in my work. As a medical staff, should be regardless of personal gains and losses, do their job duties. This spirit of my brother has always inspired me and kept me going until now,"said Du Fujia. Du Fujia was both excited and nervous when he received the notice of coming to Wuhan's aid. As a medical worker, she said, you have an obligation and a responsibility to contribute to the fight against the epidemic. While studying medicine, she had taken an oath: health, trust in life, to devote herself wholeheartedly to medical work. Du's younger brother, Du Fumin, was a doctor in the ICU ward of Meitan County's Jiali hospital, working for just over a year, the Chang'an Avenue Governor (Wechat ID: CAPITALNEWS) noted. After the outbreak of the war began, Du Fumin the first time to return to work, and in the hospital to fight the outbreak of the initiative immediately after the registration. Unable to go to the front line, Du Fumin is determined to do a good job in the rear, do not let colleagues worry in front. "although I can't go to Wuhan, I should do my job and fight the virus, " noted Chang'an Avenue's governor (Wechat ID: Capitalnews) , in addition to Du Fujia and Du Fumin, who fought on the front lines of the epidemic, Du Fuguo had a younger brother who was a soldier in a Frontier Corps of the Tibet military region and had been stationed on the front lines of the frontier. Due to heavy patrol duty, this Spring Festival, Du Fuqiang chose to stay in the camp, did not reunite with his family. A 70-year-old man, on the line, stuck in the most dangerous place. The indentation on Li Lanjuan's face is a "medal" , but also a shocking responsibility. With such respected experts and such dedicated medical staff, why should we not work hard, why should we not honor, and why should we not have the faith to win the battle? Thank you. BE SAFE! During the most arduous key stage of the epidemic prevention and Control, General Secretary Xi Jinping highlighted the importance of Seek truth from facts prevention and control work, and made "working in earnest, grasping the details and grasping the ground" the most crucial issue, hitting the key points and making a sound decision, very realistic and targeted. This is an extremely important window for epidemic prevention and control. What's a Seek truth from facts? That is, to tell the truth and tell the truth, and to speak less empty and formulaic words; to have an idea of the situation in all its aspects; to have the courage to face problems head-on; to have a keen eye for problems; to resolutely prevent them from floating on the surface and Being Unaware of the truth; that is, to seize the main contradiction and the key link, systematic thinking, overall planning, unified deployment, UNIFIED PACE, unified action, adhere to all proceed from reality, consider the impact of the whole body, precise tactics, targeted, do not make eyebrows and beards a grab, grab at random. Now is the time for an all-out escalation of prevention and control measures. How do you catch the ground? That is, to make a comprehensive investigation "100 percent" , that is, we should collect all the information we can, treat all the problems we can, don't leave a single family behind, don't leave a single person behind, that is, there is not a corner or a blind spot in the "three full coverage" , that is, the entire province's small communities and villages are strictly closed down 24 hours a day, hold tight at every pass, don't give the virus any chance to spread. We must pay attention to effective implementation everywhere, constantly review the actual results, never relax every link and every detail in the chain of prevention and control, resolutely prevent the idea of "roughly" and "almost" , so as to stabilize the situation at an early date and reverse the situation at an early date, play the game. The formalism and bureaucracy are the enemy of our Party and the people. Life is the most important, human life is critical, epidemic prevention and control is a war, the most afraid of formalism, bureaucracy. Not Forming A closed-loop, not only consumption of grass-roots energy, more will delay the aircraft, affect the overall situation, not only delay prevention and control work, but also delay life-saving treatment, resulting in the cost and loss is unbearable. Party members and leading cadres in the first line of sinking, that is to say, they must not pick up the slack and fear no hardship, and work in coordination with the cadres of the community and village groups to do a solid job and stabilize the first line of defense for the prevention and control of the epidemic. A big battle is a big test. The more difficult it is, the more it moves forward. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that party members and cadres must undergo hardships, see the world and strengthen their bones in a complex and severe struggle, so that they can be forged into real fire and real gold. The more difficult and contradictory the place is, the more severe and complicated the situation is, the more can practice boldness, hone will, long ability. The epidemic is a mirror, a ruler, a severe and complex struggle before us. The epidemic situation according to each party member cadre's mental state, measures each party member cadre's work actual achievement, also directly examines each party member cadre's purpose consciousness and the responsibility. Use good Seek truth from facts this "true classics" , take out the style of vigorous and resolute implementation, we can withstand the big test

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    Debt Instrument DefinitionUtHow many civil codes are therehf.

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    Financial Crisis Definition92Running girl's identity is exposedh2.

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    Activity-Based Budgeting (ABB) DefinitionW4Quarantine and epidemic situationx0