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12. Entertainment Engineering and Design

Job prospects: Engineer in theme parks, amusement facilities and related industries

13. Exercise and Movement Sciences

Job prospects: Vineyards, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and biotechnology businesses

Example courses: Culture of Surf & Sport, Physical & Geographical Influences on Surfing, Surf Business

Job prospects: Self-employer farrier, equine industries, agricultural industries

17. Floral Management

Example courses: Anatomy & Physiology, Funeral Service Orientation, Descriptive Pathology, History & Sociology of Funeral Service, Theories of Embalming & Disposition, Funeral Service Law

13. Exercise and Movement Sciences

  Xi stressed that while fully affirming the achievements, Party committees and governments at all levels must be highly vigilant to paralyze thinking, war-weary emotions, take chances and relax their mentality, and continue to grasp all prevention and control work in detail without any relaxation, success is never easy until you win it all. First, we must fight the battle to defend Hubei and the Battle of Wuhan. We must firmly tackle the two key issues of prevention and control in urban and rural communities and patient care, resolutely curb the spread and export of the epidemic, strengthen the prevention and control of areas with weak power, effectively increase the rate of admission and cure, and reduce the rate of infection and mortality. Third, scientific deployment of medical forces and important materials. We should show concern and care for the front-line medical personnel, implement protective materials and living materials, strengthen the prevention of hospital infection, and do a good job in scientific protection and training of medical personnel. We should closely monitor the market supply and demand dynamics, actively organize the production of vegetables and livestock and poultry, smooth transportation channels and logistics distribution. Sixth, improve the effectiveness of news and public opinion work. We will continue to do a good job in publicizing and interpreting the major decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee, provide in-depth reports on good experiences and good practices in coordinating the prevention and control of epidemics in various places, improve the dissemination of information on epidemics, widely publicize touching deeds on the frontline of fighting epidemics, and respond to social concerns on our own initiative. Seventh, earnestly safeguard social stability. It is necessary to solve the emerging and trend problems in epidemic prevention and control in time, and severely punish such illegal and criminal acts as disturbing medical order, epidemic prevention order, market order and social order according to law. Xi pointed out that the epidemic of new coronary pneumonia will inevitably have a greater impact on the economy and society. The more at this time, the more comprehensive, dialectical, long-term vision of China's development, the more confidence and firm confidence. Taken together, China's long-term economic fundamentals have not changed, the impact of the epidemic is short-term, generally controllable. Xi makes eight demands for orderly resumption of work and production. First, the implementation of sub-level precision resumption of production. Low-risk areas should adjust the strategy of prevention and control to the input of external prevention as soon as possible, and restore the order of production and life in an all-round way. medium-risk areas should resume work and production in an orderly manner according to the situation of prevention and control, high-risk areas should continue to focus on epidemic prevention and control work. Second, we will increase the intensity of macro policy adjustments. The active fiscal policy should be more active and promising. We should continue to work out a phased and targeted policy of reducing taxes and fees to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises tide over difficulties. Sound monetary policy should pay more attention to flexibility and moderation, make good use of existing financial support policies, and introduce new policy measures in a timely manner. Third, we will comprehensively strengthen measures to stabilize employment. In view of the serious shortage of jobs in some enterprises, the pressure of stabilizing posts and the difficulties in finding jobs for key groups, we should support flexible employment through multiple channels and do a good job in finding jobs for college graduates. Fourth, we must resolutely accomplish the task of eradicating poverty. Efforts should be made to overcome the impact of the epidemic, carry out hard work, help the impoverished labor force return to work in an orderly manner, support leading enterprises and workshops in poverty alleviation to resume work as soon as possible, and speed up the establishment and improvement of a mechanism for preventing the return to poverty. Fifth, we will encourage enterprises to resume work and production. We should implement the strategy of precise prevention and control by division and classification, open up the points of blocking the flow of people and goods, release the restrictions of freight logistics, and promote the cooperation of all links in the industrial chain to resume production. We should actively expand effective domestic demand, speed up the construction progress of projects under construction or newly started, and strengthen the guarantee of factors such as employment, land use and capital. Sixth, seize the opportunity to do a good job of agricultural production in spring. We must promptly solve the outstanding problems that affect the preparation and cultivation of spring ploughing, organize the production, circulation and supply of agricultural materials, and ensure that agricultural production does not delay the agricultural season. Seventh, we should earnestly guarantee the basic livelihood of the people. We should ensure the supply of staple and non-staple food, strengthen the insurance for the needy, and give priority to the care of the patients, especially the families with relatives who have lost their lives. Medical treatment for patients with other diseases should be well coordinated. Eighth, stabilize the basic plate of foreign trade and foreign capital. We should make full use of the export tax rebate, Export Credit Insurance and other compliant foreign trade policy tools to ensure the smooth operation of the foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain, do a good job in landing major foreign-funded projects, and expand the opening up of the financial and other service industries to the outside world, we will continue to improve the business environment and enhance the confidence of foreign investors in their long-term investment and operation. The party's leadership in the overall prevention and control of the epidemic and in economic and social development must be strengthened in order to do a good job and win the people's war, the overall war and the interdiction war, Xi said. Party organizations at all levels should earnestly carry out their leadership responsibilities, especially the implementation of the responsibilities of the Party Central Committee to grasp the details of the various decisions and plans. Cadres at all levels, especially leading cadres, should strengthen their will to win, their sense of responsibility, their heart of benevolence and their heart of caution, take the lead, take the initiative and take an active part in the work. We should inspect and identify cadres on the front line of the struggle, give praise to cadres who have outstanding performance and make bold use of them, seriously hold accountable those who do not take responsibility for inaction or dereliction of duty, and advanced collectives and individuals who have outstanding performance on the front line of the struggle, according to the situation hierarchical recognition and reward. We should show concern for and care for the vast number of grass-roots cadres and cadres at all levels who have gone deep into the grass-roots level, especially the cadres and the masses in Hubei, Wuhan and other areas where the epidemic is serious, and help them in a timely manner to solve the practical difficulties and problems they encounter, we will resolutely correct formalism and bureaucratic practices. To promote the prevention and control of resources and strength to fully mobilize social forces to participate in epidemic prevention and control. In view of the obvious shortcomings exposed in the response to the epidemic, we should sum up the experience, draw lessons, and improve the capacity and level of response to major public health emergencies. President Xi Jinping's important speech comprehensively summarized the work of the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, and deeply analyzed the current epidemic situation and its impact on economic and social development, Li Keqiang said while presiding over the meeting, it puts forward the key tasks and major measures to strengthen the party's leadership and advance the epidemic prevention and control as a whole as well as the economic and social development. All regions and departments should earnestly study and grasp the situation, thoroughly implement it, unite more closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, and fulfill the general requirements of strengthening confidence, working together as one, carrying out scientific prevention and treatment, and implementing precise policies, we must grasp every detail in the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee, meet challenges head on, work hard, and work in a coordinated way to prevent and control the epidemic and achieve economic and social development. We must win the people's war, the overall war, and the war of resistance, we will work hard to achieve the goals and tasks for economic and social development throughout the year, ensure that all Xiaokang are completed in an all-round way, complete the "Fifteen" plan, and hand in qualified answer sheets to the Party and the people. Members of the central leading working group on the response to the epidemic of NCP, relevant comrades of the Central Guidance Group to Hubei, and key responsible comrades of the member units of the joint prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council response to the epidemic of NCP attended the meeting. The conference will be held by teleconference with the departments of the central government and state organs and people's organizations of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as of all cities (prefectures, prefectures, leagues) , counties (cities, districts and banners) , units of the PLA and the armed police force at or above the group level shall set up branch meeting places. On the morning of February 23, Ying Yong, secretary of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and commander of the provincial headquarters for the prevention and control of the new pneumonia, presided over a special meeting, according to reports in Hubei Radio, television and financial media, we will further strengthen the security of urban living supply during the epidemic prevention and control period. Ying Yong stressed that the logistics of goods and materials is stable, stable goods and people's hearts, people's hearts and minds are stable overall situation. We must deeply learn and understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions to resolutely win the people's war, the general campaign and the interdiction campaign, and always put the safety and health of the people first, the O shall ensure the supply of daily life during the period of city closure. It is necessary to help the commercial and trade circulation enterprises resume their work and increase their capabilities as soon as possible, and to give full play to the role of state-owned enterprises in guaranteeing the basic needs of urban supply, so as to better serve the masses, to ensure a richer variety of life supplies, more choices, more affordable, more convenient transactions, faster distribution, play a good epidemic prevention and control of urban life supply security war. Xiaodong Wang, deputy secretary of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, Governor of Hubei Province and Commander of the provincial command for prevention and control, attended the meeting and put forward requirements for strengthening the supply of urban life. Provincial leaders Huang Chuping, Wang Yanling, Cao Guangjing, Zeng Xin, Zhao Haishan and Mayor of Wuhan Zhou Xianwang attended the meeting.

19. Metalsmithing/Blacksmithing

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